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Backup, Replication & DR

Wasabi - Hot Cloud Storage

Lightning fast speeds, instantly available data

Wasabi is a public cloud object storage service that is that is 1/5th the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for egress or API requests. Wasabi provides 11 x 9s of data durability, high system availability, and support for immutable storage buckets. Wasabi is fully compatible with the Amazon S3 API with support for hundreds of S3-compatible storage applications and has been certified for compliance with enterprise security and privacy standards.


Sometimes having your head in the clouds
makes a lot of sense.

Compare storing 100TB for 5 years

$246,483 $34,456




Unlimited data, always available, endlessly affordable. That’s data, powered by Wasabi.

When your data is powered by Wasabi it powers your business. Wasabi is at the core of your enterprise-ready business cloud. For many companies, migrating their data to the cloud is a necessity, but with Wasabi it’s also an opportunity. An opportunity to choose a bottomless cloud of storage that’s 1/5 the cost of AWS S3 and faster than the competition. Whether you need a second copy in the cloud, off-site disaster recovery, an active and accessible data archive, or long term storage, Wasabi’s breakthrough price-performance makes the choice simple. One price. Lightning fast speed. No hidden fees. Wasabi hot cloud storage for all your data needs.

  • PRICE:
    • 80% less than AWS S3
    • No egress charges
    • No API request charges
    • Faster than the competition
    • Quick uploads & downloads
    • Private network options
    • Data center redundancy
    • 11x9s data durability
    • Immutable storage


No More Tiers

Wasabi hot cloud storage uses one tier to fit all your needs

Eliminate the complexity that first-generation cloud storage providers create with confusing tiered storage services with different performance characteristics, price points and SLAs and simplify your data storage implementations with Wasabi. Wasabi hot cloud storage is extremely affordable, fast and reliable cloud object storage—for any purpose.

Cloud Storage that make tiers invisible and data storage affordable

Exponential data growth shouldn’t automatically translate to astronomical data storage and data tier management costs. We recognize that while not all data is created equal, with the rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence, every piece of data has the potential to reshape and transform your business. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is a universal, one size fits all cloud object storage service that eliminates confusing storage tiers and satisfies nearly all storage performance requirements. Hot Cloud Storage costs less than traditional cold storage service and is significantly faster than traditional frequent-access storage services. With Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage all data is treated equally and made readily accessible no matter how you classify it, hot, cool or cold. Hot Cloud Storage is low-cost, durable and highly available secure cloud storage with no tier-based latency delays.


Active "Hot" Data

Data that needs to be readily visible and available to the operating system and/or application software with which it was created and must be immediately accessible to users. It is data that is accessed frequently or continuously as part of a business process or other operation. Because of its frequent access requirements, active data is typically kept in a tier closest to the user, causing it to be more localized and expensive. Until Wasabi came along.

Active Archive "Cool" Data

Data that is too valuable for a company to discard, but is only accessed occasionally. Active archive data is usually stored on less expensive, slower performing storage media such as tape, inexpensive disks or in a remote cloud storage tier that typically has delayed data retrieval time association. Until Wasabi came along.

Inactive Archive "Cool" Data

Data that is seen as essential for saving but not necessarily for frequent retrieval. Inactive archive data typically adheres to corporate, agency and legal policy where regulation and compliance concerns require long-term retention and retrieval of sensitive financial, medical or employee data. While it is typically the least expensive way to store data, inactive archive data holds significant retrieval and latency delays. Until Wasabi came along.





We shed the old-fashioned storage tiers and complex pricing schemes to give you the easiest and most cost-effective experience possible.





We’re democratizing cloud storage by making storage faster than AWS S3 & more cost effective than Glacier. Join the revolution.





We’re constantly redefining the industry standards for price and performance. Stay ahead of the pack with Wasabi.

Compare how Wasabi is 80% cheaper than Amazon S3

Pay-as-you-go Storage Cost Comparison

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is priced at $.0059 per GB/month ($5.99 per TB/month). Unlike Amazon S3 and comparable services from Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, Wasabi does not charge for egress or API requests. Try our Storage Cost Comparison tool to see the savings with Wasabi for your storage scenario.


Additionally you can choose Reserved Capacity Storage option and purchase 50GB or more of storage space in advance. Reserved Capacity Storage can be purchased for one or more years. In case you need additional space it will be charged on bases of fair usage policy.


Pricing is calculated for 11TB storage space

Need a custom offer?


Send us your details and we will contact you with a pricing for your specific needs!





How much does Wasabi cost?


The standard price associated with Wasabi’s pay-as-you-go pricing model is $5.99 TB/month with no additional charges for egress or API requests. This price applies to all current Wasabi storage regions. This price does not include applicable taxes or additional optional services such as Wasabi’s premium support plan and Wasabi Direct Connect. Wasabi also offers a Reserved Capacity Storage (RCS) pricing model that allows you to purchase 50 TB or more capacity for 1, 3, or 5 year terms. This pricing model provides additional savings relative to Wasabi’s pay-as-you-go-pricing model. Additional information on the Wasabi RCS pricing model can be found here and FAQs specific to RCS can be found here.


Does Wasabi have a minimum monthly storage charge?


For customers that use Wasabi’s pay-as-you-go pricing model, Wasabi has a minimum monthly charge associated with 1 TB of storage ($5.99/month). If you store less than 1 TB of active storage in your account, your total charge will still be $5.99/month (plus any applicable taxes). See FAQ#4 for more details. For customers that use Wasabi’s RCS pricing model, the minimum capacity is 50 TB.


What is Wasabi’s minimum storage retention policy?


Wasabi has a minimum storage retention policy that means if stored objects are deleted before they have been stored with Wasabi for a certain number of days, a Timed Deleted Storage charge equal to the storage charge for the remaining days will apply. This policy is comparable to the minimum storage duration policies that exist with some AWS and other hyperscaler storage services. With Wasabi minimum storage retention policy, minimum number of days are as follows:


  • 90 days (default) for customers using Wasabi’s pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • 30 days for customers using Wasabi’s RCS pricing model

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