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Altaro VM Backup Workshop - Best Practice, Tipps & Tricks

In case you haven't joined our latest Altaro workshop you can still see the recording here. In this session we took a deep dive under Altaro VM Backup surface with Dr. Carsten Haak, shared few tips, tricks and best practice examples.


BlackFog - Hafnium Exchange Hack Case Study

Find out how BlackFog prevented #dataexfiltration​ and detected Microsoft Exchange Server hack before it really became a thing.


In this special session we took a deep dive with BlackFog's VP of Business Development, Thomas T. Madsen, as he analyzed security breach that happened few weeks ago to IT Service provider that along with other solutions, uses #BlackFog​ to protect their clients from data loss. Even with having several different security layers in place the whole system was compromised, but attackers were not able to exfiltrate any data as BlackFog kept all gates closed leaving them empty handed.


During this session we have also explained how to minimize cyber security issues by focusing on data privacy for endpoints and by applying multiple layers of security around it (geo blocking, suspicious address blocking, malwaretising, social media, fake news, profiling, dark web control etc.).

Security for Home & Office

Keeping your customers safe as they #workfromehome is not an easy task. This is a challenge a lot of #itserviceproviders are facing as we enter 2021. With the rise of the pandemic in 2020, and mass transition to home-office environments we have witnessed a large increase in #cyberattacks. Refining and improving your technology stack is critical and can increase your business efficiency, usability, and scalability. If you are an IT service provider we recommend that you take a look at our webinar recording. We believe we can help you adjust quickly to the current trends.

EDR vs Standard Antivirus

During 2020, we witnessed a large increase in #ransomwareattacks. What is really interesting is the fact that 36.8% of all ransomware attacks are targeted at companies with less than 100 employees. According to the latest trends, companies that offer professional services, especially law firms and companies that offer financial services, are the most interesting targets for hackers. The reason is simple, such companies do not have their own internal IT team, they have a simple infrastructure and not so complex and well-maintained access controls. Also, these companies do not consider themselves prime targets for ransomware, and are not taking the steps needed to keep themselves safe, making them an ideal target.


Another interesting fact is that the newer versions of ransomware (e.g. Mamba ransomware) do not actually use any malicious software. So how do you prevent such types of attacks? What technology should you use to adequately protect your customers? Do standard #antivirussoftware products offer enough protection or should you use more advanced solutions? Solutions that can help you identify, stop, and react to threats that have bypassed other defenses? Answers to all these questions and more you can find in our webinar.

GDPR - Alat namijenjen službenicima za zaštitu podataka

Vrijeme prilagodbe GDPR uredbi se bliži kraju. Ostalo je svega par tjedana da se implementiraju sve mjere propisane uredbom i postavi jasna politika upravljanja zaštitom podataka. Za sve koji još nisu odradili inicijalni dio ili traže adekvatno rješenje za upravljanje zaštitom osobnih podataka, predstavljamo Otris. Radi se o alatu namijenjenom službenicima za zaštitu podataka. Otris omogućava analizu poslovnih procesa i obrade podataka koja se unutar njih vrši. Pomaže vam u kreiranju i evidenciji mjera usklade s GDPR odredbom i pruža centralnu lokaciju upravljanja zaštitom podataka. U priloženom videu se nalaze osnovne informacije o proizvodu i možete vidjeti kako Otris privacy funkcionira.