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E-mail Security for MSP's & IT Service providers

Protect your customers from security incidents

E-mail is the most common attack vectors and Phishing / Spear Phishing one of most popular exploit methods. Both, E-mail security solutions as well as end-user education are essential parts of every security strategy. However, managing security across multiple customers, different environments can get complicated, as well as time and resource consuming. In nestec portfolio you will find cloud based solution that provide highest protection levels, simplify your approach, and save you time and resources on implementing and managing e-mail security for your customers.


Security, compliance, education and awareness!

With E-mail security products from nestec portfolio you can create a holistic approach to e-mail security and protect your customers from all phases of e-mail based attacks.


  • Awareness trainings & Education for end users

  • Threat inteligence to discover compromised accounts

  • Threat simulation for evaluation of current security posture

  • Advance Threat Protection against most advanced malware attacks

  • E-mail Continuity for emergency situations

  • Spam & Malware protection

  • Archiving & Backup service for e-mail environment


E-mail security vendors in nestec portfolio

Keepnet Labs


You can find more details about each specific vendor/solution in our portfolio. In case you need additional info, or you are not sure which product fits your needs best please reach out to us. We are happy help!