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Remote support software designed to help your IT business succeed—at an affordable price. N-able Take Control is built to help IT service providers support more customers via fast, intuitive remote support to nearly any platform. Take Control provides access to deep diagnostics from one dashboard while simultaneously connecting to devices typically in seconds. It's designed to fit your technicians’ workflows—and your company’s budget.


  • Support users and machines from single dashboard
  • Brand key user-facing components with your logo and content
  • Help customers and users demonstrate compliance
  • Resolve support issues effectively with powerful diagnostic tools
  • Expand your base of monitored end devices with simple agent download
  • Customize access for each of your technicians
  • Support the most common end device operating systems
  • Make it simple for users in need to request support
  • Increase customer trust with Take Control’s safe data management features

What N-able Take Control customers say


Love the product. It always works and the support has been great!


Brandon Byron

CEO, Bainbridge Technology Solutions


I like that with Take Control Plus, we can have our clients go to our website and click "Get Support Now" and just click on MSP Anywhere without having to walk them through 20 prompts.


Steve Anderson

CEO, Economic Computers

Crush your task list with fast, powerful remote support

When customers have an issue, they want it resolved fast. Your technicians don’t have time to wait for their remote support tools to connect. Take Control is engineered to provide both fast connection speeds and sharp diagnostic tools, helping technicians resolve issues quickly and move on with their day.

Make Take Control yours with robust remote support customization

While Take Control is built to let you hit the ground running, you can also configure it to fit your needs. For starters, the system supports custom branding to help keep your business top-of-mind with customers. Additionally, Take Control is built to streamline your support operation by allowing you to configure workflows and customize reports to suit your business.

Earn your customers’ trust with safe remote support

Take Control is designed to help keep user data safe via advanced encryption protocols, support for two-factor authentication and multilevel permissions, and optional automatic PIN and clipboard deletion after sessions. In short, Take Control is built to help you gain the trust of your customers.


  • Session recording
  • Session notes and search
  • Missed session notifications
  • Color and quality adjustment for low-bandwidth users
  • Fast video streaming
  • Automatic keyboard translation mapping
  • Block remote keyboard and mouse
  • Session transfer and multisession handling
  • Technician screen sharing
  • View-only (monitor-only) sessions
  • Switch presenter role
  • Basic system info (OS, CPU, RAM Network, Disc space)
  • Pre-session chat
  • Direct session links through email
  • Quick connect from startcontrol.com and 6-digit PIN
  • Expected wait-time information
  • Live chat or VoIP calling
  • Post-session surveys
  • Run local batch script (system shell session)
  • System CMD shell
  • Force reboot and reconnect—in safe mode if necessary
  • Port and RDP forwarding
  • Prevent auto-sleep, auto-lock, and inactivity disconnects
  • Remote printing for Mac® and Windows® on any printer
  • System health (temps, system info)
  • Video Controller and AV active


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