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Five ways great MSPs automate their businesses


Finding and retaining customers is the foundation of any IT Service business. But to drive faster business growth, you’ll need every part of your business running optimally. Technician efficiency is a key part of this puzzle. A large part of a technician’s day can be consumed with manual, repetitive tasks. Automation can give time back so technicians can concentrate on helping grow your business by delivering a broader range of more valuable services to your customers.


Key aspects of automation:

  • Standardize service delivery:Automation helps you provide the same high level of service to all clients, regardless of their size or location.
  • Ensure repetitive, but important work gets done:Automation removes the human factor to make activities like preventive maintenance run like clockwork, regardless of how boring the tasks may be.
  • Retain top talent:Good technicians are hard to find, and even harder to keep. Automation helps you do more with your existing techs and keeps them working on interesting tasks.


You can automate everyday activities like patch management, restart services, clean temporary files and disk defragmentation. You can also automate more complex tasks like encryption management, firewall checkups, create VPN config file on endpoints etc. How the most successful MSP's automate their business you can check in attached eBook. If you want to see some real examples and scripts used daily by MSP's you can check Solarwinds MSP Cookbook: