N-able Cloud Backup

Cloud-first backup for physical and virtual servers, workstations, business documents & Office365!

N-able® Cloud Backup provides a cloud-first backup service designed for data protection of servers, workstations, critical business documents, and Office 365® Exchange™ services, all managed from a centralized web-based dashboard.









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Cloud-first backup with TrueDelta™ deduplication, compression and WAN optimization.

N-able® Cloud Backup is designed to provide a streamlined, cloud-first data protection service for physical and virtual servers, workstations, business documents, and Microsoft 365®* data in one web-based dashboard. Backup can help reduce the cost and complexity of data protection—without sacrificing speed or reliability. Storage in our global private cloud is included.


Physical and virtual servers

N-able® Cloud Backup helps protect physical and virtual servers (VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V) with backups managed from the same console alongside workstation, document, or Microsoft 365 backups. It provides several recovery options designed to quickly and conveniently recover both servers and applications. Color-coded charts show backups successfully completed, completed with errors, or failed. Simply click on the color segment to drill down and quickly troubleshoot any issues.


Employees rely on their workstations to perform their daily tasks and keep business going. A full system backup can help you restore complete desktops, laptops, or other workstations, including their data and underlying systems, to recover in case of device failure, destruction, or loss. Fast recovery helps keep employees productive and helps protect important intellectual property.

Business documents

N-able® Backup Documents is an efficient, lightweight solution that automatically finds business documents on workstations and backs them up twice a day. Additionally, the system offers self-service to end users—empowering them to recover documents temporarily lost due to ransomware or accidental deletion without needing to call the help desk.

Microsoft 365 Exchange, OneDrive, and SharePoint

While it’s true that some editions of Microsoft 365 include data loss prevention and litigation hold options, these are not the same as backup, and not every small business wants to invest in enterprise editions. By deploying your own backup solution for Microsoft 365, you retain control over the retention and recoverability of your customers’ data in Microsoft 365 and can be ready to help them in their time of need. Whether accidental deletion or data retention requirements are your concern, the SolarWinds backup solution for Microsoft 365 is here to help you help them.


  • Backups and recoveries are optimized to send a fraction of your total data over the WAN
  • Optional Local SpeedVault is designed to provide a second, local copy for faster recovery
  • No need to install the application on a local server – it’s a hosted SaaS solution
  • No need to buy, provision, or manage local storage for your backups. Your backups are protected with AES-256 encryption and stored in our private cloud
  • No need to pay for or maintain proprietary appliances
  • TrueDelta™ helps with fast recovery from the cloud
  • Local SpeedVault™ is designed to make recovery even faster, provide offline recovery options
  • Physical-to-virtual recovery is great for DR testing
  • Designed for continuous recovery
  • Bare-metal recovery is supported


''It’s quick and easy to install and configure. Saves me time and thus saves me money. It’s reliable and cost-effective compared to other cloud backup software.''


Daniel Swanepoel

CEO, Pixel Fix


''Simple to use, enterprise-class features, very fair on the storage limits, no gimmicks. 24/7 support. Above all I saved a client’s burning building from this backup service. You can schedule backups nightly, twice a day, or down to every hour if you choose.''


Jeff Olejnik

President, Newport Solutions


''The cloud Management Console includes great monitoring and alerting capabilities for my entire customer base. Very knowledgeable 24/7 support. Proven to have easily recovered clients from ransomware attacks.''


Mark Chesher

Senior Administrator, The Data Vault


  • Rapid Physical-to-virtual recovery
  • Bare-metal restore
  • Optimized resource usage
  • Cloud storage built for security
  • Virtualization support
  • Granular data selection
  • Redundancy
  • White Labelled / Rebrandable
  • Access to email for former employees
  • Support for compliance
  • Point-in-time restore
  • Automatic deployment
  • Document discovery
  • End user self-service


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