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Where to find and access N-able partner resources

In this short video you will find more details about N-able partner resources and where to find them.


Five Cyberthreats that Slip Past Traditional Antivirus

Many traditional antivirus (AV) programs operate on signatures—as malicious software is discovered, a signature describing the file is generated, added to a database, then the database gets pushed out to the customer base. That basically means that you are waiting for malware to strike first, hoping that your AV vendor is fast enough and can issue new definitions before that threat reaches you. In some cases this might work fine, but today we face more sophisticated types of malware that are smart enough to bypass standard AVs. In this eBook you can find more details about these types of malware and why standard AV products are simply no match for them.


Five ways great MSPs automate their businesses

Finding and retaining customers is the foundation of any IT Service business. But to drive faster business growth, you’ll need every part of your business running optimally. Technician efficiency is a key part of this puzzle. A large part of a technician’s day can be consumed with manual, repetitive tasks. Automation can give time back so technicians can concentrate on helping grow your business by delivering a broader range of more valuable services to your customers.


Key aspects of automation:

IT Service providers corner - Proactive monitoring and network visibility

Proactive or reactive (Break/Fix) services? Most of IT service providers still relay on reactive (Break/Fix) service model and invoice their customers based on hourly-rate billing model. Although clients are aware of the fact that proactive monitoring of their infrastructure is an advantage and that it helps detect and eliminate issues, data loss and downtime, clients are still more likely to opt out for Break/Fix or reactive model.


The real reason for this is in the perception that users have towards proactive services. In the reactive model, the math is simple. When problem occurs the user contacts the IT service provider, the provider fixes the problem and charges client for their time (in most cases it is already included in monthly service costs), troubleshooting costs and equipment costs (in case there are parts that need to be replaced). With this simple logic, clients comes to the following conclusion:

Everything-As-A-Service - VDI / Home-Office solution by oneclick

Zadovoljstvo nam je predstaviti novog partnera u Nestec portfoliju.

Oneclick Cloud platforma ( je XaaS (eng. everything as a service) rješenje koje omogućava centralno upravljanje, te brzu, jednostavnu i sigurnu isporuku (eng. publishing) infrastrukture i aplikacija.

Bazira se na visoko skalabilnom, konstantno dostupnom Kubernetes klasteru što daje platformi dodatnu fleksibilnost i gotovo neograničene mogućnosti primjene. S oneclick platformom moguće je vrlo jednostavno konsolidirati sve poslovne aplikacije (Windows, Linux i MacOS) bez obzira na njihovu lokaciju (lokalno, u oblaku) kao i interne i eksterne web aplikacije i podatke u personaliziranu radnu površinu dostupnu putem web preglednika ili Microsoft Office 365 platforme. Dodatna prednost oneclick platforme je u njezinom fleksibilnom pay-per-use modelu licenciranja koji Vam omogućava da platformu i troškove u potpunosti prilagodite svojim potrebama.

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