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Cove Data Protection - 5 min overview

Cove Data Protection™ provides streamlined, cloud-first backup, disaster recovery, and archiving for physical and virtual servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365®.

Network visibility with N-able N-Central

With N-able N-Central you can gain deep visibility into critical network paths, auto-detect changes to the network,, quickly troubleshoot network connectivity issues, and get an easy-to-understand visual representation of your customers’ networks and their interconnectivity.

Network visibility - Solve IT issues faster

Gain complete visibility with network device monitoring. This feature in the N-able™ N-central® solution is designed to help you monitor network devices from the same system you use to oversee workstations and servers.

Keepnet Labs - Phishing Awareness & Education

Phishing Awareness & Education trainings are a crucial component of layered security approach as they help turn your weakest link (employees) into active component of your security strategy. With Keepnet Labs you can create and automate learning campaigns, link them to educational materials, track campaign results and awareness levels. Platform also offers advanced features like Threat intelligence, Threat Simulation, Threat sharing and Incident responding. For more details please check our webinar recording.

Liongard EndPoint Visibility

Liongard extends its Data & Automation Platform to Windows workstation with the Launch of EndPoint Visibility.

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