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Altaro VM Backup - upgrading from v8 to v9

Hornetsecurity/Altaro customers that have VM Backup version 8 can now upgrade to new VM Backup version (v9) and include immutable protection against data loss and ransomware into their data protection plan. In this article we will describe the step-by-step upgrade process and answer most common questions.

VMB v9 key features

With new release of VM Backup v9 Hornetsecurity brings powerful features every business needs to fully protect their data:

  • Protection against ransomware attacks and malicious administrators

  • Available for Wasabi and Amazon S3

  • Cost savings by retaining advanced inline deduplication

  • VM backup installations can now manage larger infrastructures

  • Developed with the growing needs of our customers in mind

  • Support for VMware, Vcenter & Vsphere 8

  • Support for Windows Server 2022

  • Retention operations now run in parallel with backup operations

  • Disk space is used more efficiently

Most common questions

Who is eligible for upgrade?

Any customer that purchases a new license or has an active SMA (Service Maintenance Agreement) after March 1, 2023 will have access to a V9 key in the partner portal.

Is upgrade mandatory?

Upgrade is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Customers who have VM Backup v8 or lower can choose between staying on v8 or upgrading to v9.

Can i upgrade if i do not have valid SMA?

Customers who do not have a valid SMA can't upgrade to v9. If they want to upgrade to v9 they first need to renew their SMA. In case you need a renewal offer please reach out to your sales partner.

How can i check if i have a valid SMA?

Please follow these instructions to check your SMA status - How to check if my SMA is current?.

Where can i generate my v9 key?

All customers with existing SMA can upgrade their VM Backup v9 license key HERE.

I got an v9 license key with SMA renewal or edition upgrade. Where can i downgrade my key?

Customers who want to downgrade their key to v8 can reach out to their Altaro partner. Partners can forward all downgrade requests to altaro(at)

Upgrade from v8 to v9 - Step-by-step guide


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Version 8 keys will NOT work in Version 9! Please click here to upgrade it before proceeding any further. Partners can log into the Partner Portal to access v9 keys for their customers.

STEP 1 — Upgrade your License Key

  • If you're using Subscription Licensing, skip to Step 2.

  • If you have a current Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA), you are entitled to a free upgrade to v9.

  • If your SMA has expired, please reach out to your sales partner and request SMA renewal offer.

  • If you have an active SMA you can proceed with upgrading your key. You can upgrade HERE.

STEP 2 — Pre-requisites

  • A minimum of 8.21.x must be installed

  • .NET4.8 is required for V9

  • V9 no longer supports ESXi 5.0/5.1

  • A fresh set of onsite/offsite backups (replication too) will be required, ensure that your backup locations have enough free disk space

  • V9 makes use of a different set of ports, ensure you open these ports if using the Offsite Backup Server / Replication and update bandwidth throttling (if using)

  • Update Antivirus exclusions

  • Read the guide on preparing for V9 for tips and quick installation

  • Older backup data, taken by V8, will not be deleted automatically, so once you have taken enough backups with V9, you can delete the older sets manually from the backup location.

  • Please see our latest System Requirements for more information .

STEP 3 - Upgrade your installation

The upgrade process below from V8 to V9 will keep all your settings and previous backups (you will be able to restore from these backups, but a fresh backup set is required). VMB V9 will remain connected to CP after migration from V8.

Upgrading from VM Backup v5, v6, v7 to v9


There is no direct upgrade path from V5, V6, V7 to V9 and a fresh configuration is required in this case. V9 introduces multiple radical improvements as well as support for the latest Hyper-V and VMware OS's allowing you to continue backing up your hosts without issues.

NOTE: Customers who upgrade their edition will automatically get v9 key

Customers that have v8 installation with an active SMA and decide to purchase "Upgrade Edition" e.g. from Standard to Unlimited Plus will automatically get v9 key. The customer then has the following 2 options:

  • Upgrade their instance to v9 (follow the steps 1,2,3)

  • Stay on version 8. If the customer wants to stay with v8, they can contact their sales partner and request license key downgrade. Partners can reach out to altaro(at)


About autor

Jurica Parsic IT Support Specialist

A seasoned professional in data backup & disaster recovery, virtualization and cybersecurity with more than 5 years of experience in this field. Working closely with global vendors, IT resellers and IT service providers to develop a deep understanding of the technologies, processes and best practices involved in ensuring security and business continuity for a wide range of organizations, from small businesses to large corporations.