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EDR eGUIDE – How to demonstrate ROI?

One of the most common obstacles when selling new technology or a service is finding a proper way to demonstrate the value of the service itself and the impact it has on the business. Good entrepreneurs will always try to minimize their operational costs while ensuring maximum productivity (not necessarily security and resilience at the same time), so you really need to make a strong case here. Especially if you know this will stretch their existing budget.

When it comes to cybersecurity, one might think, "Well, that's a no brainer; new technology that can protect my organization from the most advanced threats, prevent security incidents and help me sleep at night, where do I sign up?" But that is often not the case (good news if you are an attacker, I guess). If you are an IT consultant or IT Service provider you are familiar with this. IT Service providers often struggle with customers that take unnecessary risks with the sole purpose of reducing their IT costs, not considering how that will affect them in the long run. One really good example that we see very often is upgrading from standard Antivirus products to Endpoint Detection and Response solutions.

Most common objections and how to handle them?

Although EDR has proven itself as an excellent technology to prevent malicious attacks and can save organizations from unnecessary downtime, huge ransomware payments and damage to their reputation. Most SMBs prefer to stay with their current AV solutions. Objections are usually the same, most common being:

  • I already have AV, I don’t need EDR.

  • This sounds too expensive.

  • It won’t happen to me; we are too small (referring to cyberattacks).

  • I’ll take my chances, pay the ransom, and make an insurance claim.

So how do you make sure your customers understand the impact this has on their business? This eGuide describes 5 key talking points you need to focus on when talking to your clients, as well as best practices on how to demonstrate EDR ROI. It is basically a blueprint on how to demonstrate the value of your EDR offering compared to standard AV products.


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