NESTEC MSP Institute

Nestec MSP Institute is place where you can find most useful materials about MSP (Managed Service Provider) topics. Weather you are just staring a business, going through business transformation or searching for ideas to expand your IT services, on Nestec MSP Institute you will find a lot of useful information, materials and tools. MSP Institute is a way for us to share with you the experience we gathered throughout the years of working with MSP vendors and IT service providers. A lot of inspiration for this content comes from our MSP vendors. We have prepared a series of webinars in which we will talk about managed services. What are managed services and how to build a sucesfull managed services business. Please check this website frequently to catch the latest content. In case you would like to be informed everytime when new content is added please subscribe to our newsletter.

Security topics


LIVE WEBINAR - Endpoint Security for Home and Office environments

Your customers expect you to protect their IT infrastructure and ensure 24/7 availability. And with recent changes in working habits that becomes harder and harder. With focus shifting to endpoint devices you need the right toolset and effective security measures to provide adequate protection to your clients. We will talk about tools (Backup & DR, Data Exfiltration protection, Active monitoring & EDR) and measures (End user awareness & Education) you can implement to sucesfully protect your clients in office and home-offfice environments.


LIVE WEBINAR - Microsoft Office365 Monitoring & Protection

With rapid adoption of Microsoft Office365 environment it is crucial for IT Service providers to align their service offering with current market trends. Office365 environments as any other needs to be constantly monitored and protected in order to prevent security incidents and to ensure business continuity for your client. In order to ensure that your clients are protected from latest security threats and to increase profit from Office365 services you need to wrap additional services around your Office365 offering. To help you with this we have created a special Office365 Protection Bundle that includes:

  • Active Monitoring of Microsoft Office365 Environments
  • Office365 Email Security (Spam, Phishing & Malware Protection)
  • Office365 Backup & DR
  • Phishing Education & Awareness


Join us for the live webinar as we explain each of mentioned services and value they can bring to your business.




LIVE WEBINAR - How to sucesfully manage patches across multiple environments

Increasing concerns surrounding cybersecurity mean that an effective patch management policy implementing best practices is crucial for helping keep your customers’ computing environments secure. We will share some of the most important patch management practices that your company should implemented and do a short demo of patch management process.

Managed Services topics


LIVE WEBINAR - making the move to managed services

Makin a jump to managed services is not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of challenges and pitfals along the way, and some hard decisions you will have to make. We see that top 25% of IT companies in the market are playing a different game, they run their business different and they look different. This course is about sharing these insights with you and to help you build, run and manage MSP business.


LIVE WEBINAR - Packaging and pricing managed services offerings

How do you create a proper MSP offering and more importantly, how do you sell your services? It's all about finding the right fit or combination of services and finding the right customers. In this session we will talk about finding the right fit for your business and how to calculate the proper pricing for your services.


LIVE WEBINAR - Staffing and operations for managed services delivery

In case you do not have the right mindset in your team you will most likely have to hire new people to drive your business. In this session we will talk more about changing the mindset and making sure that everybody is on the same page.


LIVE WEBINAR - Metrics, measurement, QBRs, and driving efficiency

It is all about the metrics. How to make sure that you deliver services that your customers signed for, how do you make sure you do not break through your SLA'a and how can you drive efficiency by standardazing your services.

Solarwinds RMM - All IT Management Tools You Need in One Dashboard

SolarWinds® RMM is a cloud-based IT solution designed to make it easy for you to support and protect your customers—from day one. Get up and running fast with dashboards and alerts, built-in remote access, patching, automation, security features, and more. And when you’re ready, RMM can help you grow your business and expand your offerings effortlessly with additional security layers and add-on services.