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Liongard Roar | Automate MSP Documentation

Roar replaces the manual discovery of your customers' systems. Using automation, Roar pulls back critical configuration and status data and pushes it to the places your team is already looking. This means your team can access accurate, reliable documentation in your existing documentation solution. Your team can also receive service tickets when Roar discovers an issue with any of the systems you're managing. With Roar, you can extend your visibility beyond your RMM. See what changed, answer important questions, and quickly troubleshoot issues.





Agents & Inspectors

To gather information about your customer environments, Roar uses Inspectors that query individual systems like Active Directory, Amazon Web Services, and so forth. Inspectors are run by Agents that are installed either in the cloud or on-premise, depending on what systems are being inspected. Managed Cloud Agents come with each Roar instance and do not require privileged network access. These agents can inspect systems with public source data like Internet Domains or cloud services with public-facing APIs like Office 365, Cisco Meraki, Webroot, etc. These are already setup for you. On-Premise Agents are deployed onto your customer networks to inspect systems that do require privileged network access. On-Prem Agents can inspect things like Active Directory, SQL Server, and locally managed network devices like Cisco ASA and Sonicwall. You will need to set these up. Keep in mind, a single Agent instance can run inspections against many systems.


    • Always up-to-date
    • Deep data across the stack
    • Historical audit timeline

    • Monitor best practices
    • Detect critical changes
    • PSA ticket integration

    • Cross-customer reporting
    • Deep exportable data
    • API and BrightGauge integration


We understand that rolling out Inspectors across many different customer networks and systems can be a daunting challenge, so Roar has a feature called auto-discovery that makes that process easier. Roar analyzes the data it pulls back about one system to detect (or auto-discover) other systems. This means Roar Inspectors can discover other potential inspectors.


Change Detections

Change Detections show you when a critical change has been captured in Roar. IT environments are ever changing - we will surface the most critical of those changes. You can find what changes we notify on in the Admin > Change Detections tab. When a critical change has occurred, it will appear on an individual Inspector's timeline through a yellow delta. You can dig in to see what specifically changed, by clicking into the Changes tab in the left side bar menu.



  • Wed 2019-08-07
    04:38 GMT+0200
  • Thu 2019-09-07
    22:16 GMT+0200
  • Fri 2019-10-07
    01:25 GMT+0200
  • Fri 2019-11-07
    01:25 GMT+0200
  • Sat 2019-12-07
    13:36 GMT+0200



Actionable Alerts

The first step in rolling out Roar is rolling out Inspectors and Agents across all of your Environments. Through Actionable Alerts, you can use that documentation to set a standard for how you serve your customers. Through Roar's Actionable Alerts Templates, you can customize which rules in Roar turn into tickets in your PSA or Email inbox as Inspectors run. By using Roar's Actionable Alerts, your team can set the standard of service for your clients. Proactive alerts allow your team to mitigate human error and reach maximum efficiency. Roar will generate tickets on critical issues your team needs to know about, and it will keep them updated everyday!

  • If your team forgets to close a ticket. Roar will close it for you.
  • If your team closes a ticket that wasn't addressed, Roar will reopen that same ticket.


Auto-Discovery allows you to onboard customers in Roar faster! How you ask?! When some of our Inspectors run, Roar can see the potential for another Inspector. Then, Roar will (in most cases) completely set up that potential Inspector, and Roar will leave it in a discovered state for you to activate.


Automated Documentation

Roar's Automated Documentation allows you and your team to always have up-to-date documentation that can alert you when something needs your attention. It enables your MSP to report on systems at scale. Roar's Inspectors automatically gather deep system configuration details on yours' and your customer's Cloud Systems, Network Systems, Apps & Services, and Endpoints daily. Once this data is collected, you have the ability to export and manipulate it, so you can best support your day to day processes. Roar's Automated Documentation allows you to:

  • Track Systems' state over time.
  • Empower your team with the data necessary to support your clients' systems.
  • Standardize documentation across all of your systems and customers.
  • Enhance your change management.


Metrics give you the ability to write a query to extract specific pieces of data from an Inspector's Data Print. A Metric starts with a question. For example:

  • How many privileged users do I have in this Active Directory instance?
  • How many Enterprise E3 Licenses am I using in my Office 365 tenant?
  • On what date does this domain expire?
  • Who is the issuer of this certificate?


Identity Monitoring, Internet Domain/DNS, Office 365, Endpoint TLS/SSL Certificates, Amazon Web Services, Azure, Network inspectors, Cisco Umbrella, G Suite


Auvik, Cisco ASA, Cisco IOS, Cisco Meraki, Fortinet FortiGate, Network Discovery, Network IP Address, pfSense, SonicWall, Sophos XG, Ubiquiti UniFi, WatchGuard.


Active Directory, Autotask, Bitdefender GravityZone, ConnectWise Manage, Datto BCDR, Duo Security, IT Glue, SQL Server, StorageCraft SPX, Veeam Availability Console, VMware ESXi, Webroot Secure Anywhere GSM


Addigy, Continuum RMM, Hyper-V, Kaseya VSA, Linux, Watchman Monitoring, Windows


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Liongard is licensed per Customer Environment per Month. 15 environments, unlimited amount of standard inspectors and 10 enhanced inspectors per environment are included in the base license. You can buy additional enhanced inspectors or additional environments at any time.

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