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Backup, Replication & DR

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Resilience is one's ability to respond to and recover from adverse situations, such as natural disasters, acts of violence, economic hardship and other challenges. For companies this means ensuring business continuity and fast recovery in case of an incident or any type of disaster. Data resilience is a crucial component of every business strategy and first step to achieving it is to implement a proper Backup & Disaster recovery plan. 






Backup vendors


Backup & DR – Challenges

IT Service providers that offer Backup & Disaster Recovery services are faced with numerous challenges which we took into account when building our Backup & DR portfolio. Technology stack that we offer addresses most common problems and issues IT Service providers are facing today:

  • Complexity of environments and data distribution

  • Different types and data sources

  • Flexible storage options

  • Reduction in operational costs

  • Reliable and flexible recovery

  • Flexible licensing

  • Ease of use

  • Security


The modern Threat landscape

Backup & Disaster Recovery

increase in ransomware attacks between Q1 and Q2 of 20221

Backup & Disaster Recovery

of all incidents targeted the U.S.—the most targeted region—with Germany and the UK in second and third place1

Backup & Disaster Recovery

of organizations that paid in a ransomware attack experienced another attack according to one study2

With solutions in nestec portfolio you can provide Backup and Disaster Recovery services for every type of environment.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

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